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I needed an orthopaedist in the city. So I did a bit of researching online, and I found out that there were a bunch of doctors, all of which seemed to be very busy. Appointments were hard to get.

In the end I decided to go to a rather large orthopaedic clinic and show up right when they opened in the morning, tell them it was an emergency. The one that I chose opened at seven thirty, which meant that I had to catch the train at six thirty, which in turn meant that I had to get up at five thirty.


Anyway, they turned out to be very nice. The doctor took his time when he examined my foot, then he told me to get an MRI the next day. I was happy, because I love a good MRI! The rhythm of the cooling system, the whiteness of the tube, the trekky atmosphere of it all.

When I went home, the city looked like it was just waking up from a hangover:


There was still some trash in some places, reminders of the New Year celebrations:

New Year trash

But I had other things on my mind.

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