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When I went home today, someone recognized me on the train. This happens sometimes, but usually it’s when young people from China see me. Some of them know me for being part of their social media sphere. This time it was different, though.

A dude appeared in front of me, and he looked very happy. “Aren’t you that traveling youtuber?” he wanted to know.
I nodded, and he looked even happier.
“It’s him!” he said triumphantly to his friends, and they all shared the same happy look.
Then they were gone.

I felt awkward. To me, the word “youtuber” has always sounded like a perfect synonym for “blowhard”.


When I was home, I played MarioKart with my family, and I picked Roy with Mr. Scooty, Roller Wheels, and the Cloud Glider:


I was merciless.

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