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Went back to the dwarf beeches. A few years earlier, the town had decided to put up a collection of photographs of them. They looked very nice, but I still don’t quite understand why they would place them right next to the actual trees:

tree photo

I mean, it’s not like Bad Nenndorf doesn’t have any other places that might be in need of something nice to look at. Why not put these photos there instead of here?

Anyway, Feivel and I went back into the forest. He really likes to pose for photos:


Then it started snowing:

fallen trees

The thing is that it didn’t really get very cold, so much of the snow just melted on the ground, turning the path into mud:

mud way

I took another Let’s Walk Test video, and I wasn’t in the best of moods.

Also, when I got home, I started noticing that the optical stabilization was apparently malfunctioning.


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