a flexible leash is still a leash

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Same procedure as the day before: I got some office work done, then I grabbed the dog and went out for a walk. I took another Let’s Walk video on the way, because I needed to test my new equipment:


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Oh, and Feivel was loving the shit out of the forest:

in the Deister

As you can see I’m using a flexible leash. This is usually less than ideal, because it makes it hard for a dog to understand how far they are permitted to stray from you. But Feivel used to live on the streets, and I can’t have him run around without a leash, so in his case, rather than keeping him right next to me all the time, I like to use the flexible leash. That way he has a little bit of leeway.

Anyway, we walked until it got dark:


And then we walked some more.

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