Speaking In Weingarten

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Sometimes I like to stop somewhere on the way to my next venue. Today I found a toilet. I really hadn’t expected to find a fucking toilet:

toilet earth

Talk about protecting the environment all you want, but there are still people out there who decide to dump their toilets in the countryside.


When I arrived in Weingarten ahead of time I wasn’t mad anymore:

presentation in Weingarten

The presentation went alright:

speaking in Weingarten

I usually don’t like speaking in movie theaters because they are designed to muffle laughter or other sounds made by the audience, and they are darker than other venues. But this one was alright.

And I ran into Azat:

with Azat

He had helped me a great deal on the last leg of The Longest Way, for which I still feel very grateful.

The night ended with rum:


Now I’m more of a vodka guy anyway, and I usually don’t like to drink my rum pure and unmixed, but this one was awesome. The taste reminded me of caramel, and I found myself wondering if I should go to Colombia one day.

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