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This whole presentation thing involved a lot of time spent on the Autobahn:


I have never liked driving. It bores me. Usually I’d blast loud music for a half hour, then I’d listen to The Dollop or the WaPo’s Presidential podcasts. I’d drink lots of water and coke. I’d eat a ton of cookies.

I hate driving. What a waste of time.

The venue in Karlsruhe was worth it, though:

Stephanssaal Karlsruhe venue

It even had a big fat cross next to the stage:

Stephanssaal Karlsruhe

I vowed not to use any bad language during the presentation that night.


And I think I succeeded at keeping it clean:

speaking in Karlsruhe

One person said the photos that I showed during the presentation were “bad to mediocre”, but this a statement is one against which I must vehemently protest.

My photos are not bad to mediocre.
They are terrible to sort-of-goodish.

Thank you.

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