Speaking In Konstanz

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When I came to today’s venue, I felt a bit disheartened.

Konstanz (or Constance) is one of Germany’s most beautiful cities. But it is apparently home to one of the ugliest universities you could ever imagine:

Konstanz University

I don’t know how people build universities today. But this sort of design seems to have been en vogue in the 1970s. A sort of “Bauhaus gone wrong” with lots and lots of concrete, low ceilings, and windows that are sort of there, just not very big.

Needless to say that the inside is a total mess as well. An abomination:

inside Konstanz University

I wonder how anyone in this building is supposed to form thoughts that are not about fear, hate, and confusion?

Or maybe that’s just me.

But anyway, the venue itself turned out to be quite fun:

speaking in Konstanz

Like a classroom.

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