the toilet under the place where Hitler used to stand

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I woke up in a rather peculiar hotel:

hotel room in Feucht

It was located right next to the Autobahn, near a town called Feucht. I had picked it the night before while browsing the map, mainly because I liked the name Feucht (“moist”), and because I liked the location. It was close to the site of the Nazi Party Rally Grounds near Nuremberg.

I had a bagel with some tea and some Halliburton for breakfast/lunch:

bagel in Feucht

Then I drove to the Nuremberg Documentation Center Nazi Party Rally Grounds:

to the Nuremberg Documentation Center Nazi Party Rally Grounds

The place was massive:

nazi architecture

Nazi architecture par excellence:

outside the Nuremberg Documentation Center Nazi Party Rally Ground

The documentation center was inside an unfinished Nazi Party Congress Hall:

Nuremberg Documentation Center Nazi Party Rally Grounds

It seemed as though whoever had built the museum had, while leaving the fundamental structure largely untouched, decided to break through it by inserting whatever modern elements they needed:

inside the Nuremberg Documentation Center Nazi Party Rally Ground

I liked it.

The permanent exhibition was alright. It was a bit general, basically just re-telling the story of the rise and fall of Nazi Germany. It had a bunch of pictures, videos, and artefacts on display. There was this edition of Mein Kampf, for example:

mein Kampf

Mein Kampf, by the way, has never been “outlawed” or “censored” in post-war Germany. It was a copyright issue. German copyright laws protect the intellectual property of the author until seventy years after their death. Hitler, albeit being a mass murderer and a giant dickhead, still had copyrights. So after he died in 1945, his intellectual rights to Mein Kampf were still protected. And since he didn’t have an heir, all of his stuff ended up belonging to the German State of Bavaria. And the Bavarian government simply never reprinted the book, nor did it allow anyone else to print it.

That’s why up until last year, there were no new editions of Mein Kampf.

There was a temporary exhibition about Albert Speer in the documentation center:

Albert Speer exhibition

I found it more interesting than the permanent exhibition, because it was rather specific, and because I had always found the eagerness with which post-war Germany was willing to forgive Albert Speer (a nazi war criminal) utterly fascinating.

It seems as though many people wanted to see themselves as “victims” of Hitler’s manipulation, and Speer was their champion. If he could be (sort of) innocent, then who couldn’t?

I walked around in the unfinished courtyard of the Nazi Congress Hall:

inside the courtyard of the unifinished Nazi Congress Hall

Then I drove to the place where Hitler and his minions used to have their big Nazi Party Rallies:

outside of the Zeppelin Field

The Zeppelin Field:

Zeppelin Field

It was very strange seeing the grandstand almost fully intact:

grand stand of the Zeppelin Field

And it was freely accessible, too:

on top of the Zeppelin Field grand stand

I took a little video because I wanted to further test the new camera:


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The place was fascinating.

You could go all the way up and look down to where Hitler used to stand and deliver his speeches:

view over the Zeppelin Field

There was a large door:

portal on the grand stand of the Zeppelin Field

Would Hitler make his entry through this door?

And there was the podium:

Hitler’s podium

Just like that, fucking Hitler’s fucking podium:

Hitler’s podium from above

And under the podium, slightly to its left and slightly to its right, there were toilets:

toilet in the grand stand of the Zeppelin Field

They were locked, and I figured this could only mean that they were part of the original structure. It was only logical: Hitler would stand on his podium and deliver speeches or look at parades for hours, and maybe some of his more feeble minions needed to pee and poop.

So they made a place where people could pee and poop right under the motherfucking “Führer”.


  • DorisLe

    What I find quite interesting to know is that every summer there is a huge festival (Rock im Park) right there! The biggest of three stages is always located in the Zeppelin Field so now imagine 10 000 more or less drunk people using this to party!


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