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I ventured downtown today. Mainly because I needed a new electric toothbrush. Mine had given up the ghost.

So I walked around, and since I didn’t know where electronics were being sold, I asked people on the street for directions. Most of them took a step back at first. They probably figured I was going to ask them for money or something, with the beard and the hair and all.

It was a bit humiliating.

Anyway, I did find a place that sold me a toothbrush, so that was okay. And on the way I found out that Luxembourg was already starting to get into the Christmas spirit:

wrapped trees in the Christmas Market in Luxembourg

The Christmas Market was being set up:

empty Christmas Market in Luxembourg

It wasn’t open just yet, but it would be very soon:

closed shop in the Christmas Market in Luxembourg

Oh, and I suppose maybe you remember how much I love quirky Christmas trees, like the one in the pink hotel in Uzbekistan? Or the one that comforted me after the Caboose had died?

They had a pretty eccentric Christmas tree in Luxembourg:

Christmas Tree in Luxembourg

It even changed colors:

blue Christmas Tree in Luxembourg


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