European darkness

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Winter wasn’t winter. It was different everywhere.

In some places it felt cold and dry, and the sky was mostly blue. Kazakhstan was like that. In other places it never got very cold at all. Like in Taiwan.

And then there were places – like central Europe, where I was from – where winter was almost always cold and wet, and the sky was cloudy and grey.

I was grateful when I went outside and saw a sort of bluish late afternoon sky with a little sunset:

rain in Luxembourg

Because I did not like the darkness.

  • Jorgelina

    Don’t get me started on the European darkness! I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina where the weather is pretty good, except for Summer where it can get very stuffy and so hot, but Spring and Autumn are great and the Winters are that bad. Now I live in the North East of England and since the beginning of November it’s been getting dark at 4pm and the sun hardly ever comes out, so much “white” sky. 🙁 Our flag is two light blue stripes with a white one in the middle and a shining sun on it. It’s creation was inspired in the blue of our sky and the sun coming through the white clouds. I miss my blue skies!


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