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I had been dreading this day. I was going to have to: fly to Dubai overnight, wait there for a few hours, then fly to Frankfurt, wait for another few hours, then finally take a train to my home town. And the worst thing: I was going to leave Taiwan. There were so many things on this island that I hadn’t seen yet!

But I got on my flight anyway, and yet again I got a center seat:


Nice photobomb, though, eh?

Little did I know that my second flight was going to be awesome, because I got a seat in the emergency exit lane:

good seat

I sat, reclined, read, watched the remaining part of Wonder Woman, and I made use of these stickers that the airline was giving out:

wake me up for

“Wake Me Up For…” actually seemed like a pretty good rule to live by.

When I got to Frankfurt, I looked for my luggage at the oversized baggage counter, which was really just a corner where someone had dropped people’s luggage on the floor:

oversized baggage counter in Frankfurt

You had to pay money if you wanted to use a luggage trolley. Yes, Germany was apparently still a service desert.

And the Deutsche Bahn was apparently still run by potheads. My train got canceled. Of course. I had to go to a totally different train station in order to catch a substitute train. Of course. The substitute train was cold as hell. Of course.

train home

But eventually I made it home.

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