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Another day, another temple:


I had come here with a documentary crew:

interview in Taipei

We took a little walk around one of the older parts of town, filming here and there, and they bought me lunch at one of the traditional food stalls that Taiwan was still famous for even after all those years of rapid development:

food stall in Taipei

And I got sweet pockets for dessert:

sweet pockets in Taipei

One was filled with peanut butter, the other with red bean paste:

sweet pocket filled with red beans

Later that day, we went to an art district called Huashan 1914 Creative Park:

weird trees

It seemed to mainly consist of old factory buildings that had been transformed and gentrified and eventually taken over by hipsters. Lots of little shops that sold creative stuff. The whole thing reminded me a lot of the 798 Art District near Beijing that I had visited almost ten years earlier, the main difference being that here it seemed to be an actual part of the city, whereas Beijing’s art district lay outside of the city in a totally different town.

We hadn’t come for the art, though. We were here for another book salon thingie:

crowd in the art district

The turnout was quite good:

Taipei book salon

And it was a fun crowd.

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