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Woke up in Taichung and rewatched a video I had recorded the night before. It was about Taiwan:


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After breakfast, the publishers took me to Kaohsiung, a large city in the South of Taiwan:

in Kaohsiung

We went to a large book store:

my books in Taiwan

We had a podium talk scheduled there, and when I got to the venue I ran into these friendly people:


They gave me a bottle of Taiwanese Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor:

Taiwanese liquor

It had 58%, and I felt happy knowing that it was there, waiting for me.

The podium talk went well, I think:

book salon in Kaohsiung

I found a picture of Bob Ross, and because people had been saying that I looked like him (or like Marv from Home Alone) with my beard and hair, and because Bob had been one of the best people to ever be on television, I took a picture with him and a brush:

Bob Ross

Too bad I sucked at painting.

That night, when I was walking around in Kaohsiung, I saw yet another very busy temple:

temple in Kaohsiung

Taiwan seemed to be a rather spiritual country.

A place to think of all the rocks in Bob’s pictures, and how he always used to paint a second rock or a tree next to them in order to “give them a friend”.

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