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Had a meet & greet with some travelers in Taipei:

travelers in Taipei

They were awesome. I wasn’t, though.

One of them had walked the Camino in Spain, another had traveled through Southeast Asia for two years. Obviously, it would have been wonderful to hear more of their stories. But I ended up talking and talking and talking – and mostly about politics.

Yeah. I need to learn to shut the fuck up sometimes.

We did another podium talk in a bookstore in Taichung after this:

book salon in Taichung

I think it went okay.

And dinner was good, too:

dinner in Taichung

On the way back to my hotel, I ran into a young woman who was wearing the single best shirt that ever existed on the face of the earth:

How Are You Think? I’dont

She was very beautiful, that young woman, but I only took a photo of her shirt.

Yeah. I’dont.

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