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There was a village outside of Isfahan, a little to the north of the city. The name of the village was Sin. I decided to go there and check out an old mosque that was there.

You could not miss the mosque; it had a minaret that was rather tall, rather slender, and rather lopsided:

in Sin village

I was told that the mosque was hundreds of years old. Did that mean three hundred or six hundred years? I wasn’t sure.

But behind a rather simple door…

door of Sin Mosque

…was a dome that was very nice to look at:

dome of Sin Mosque

The mosque was still in use, which meant that it had carpets and pillows…

pheasant pillows

…and a clock:

inside Sin Mosque

I walked around in Sin village for a while, looking around…

door in Sin village

…talking to people as well as I could (not very well, since I don’t speak Farsi):

old man in Sin village

And I think I finally understood the meaning of these little altars that I would see installed on the sidewalk sometimes:

temporary altar

They were for people who had just died, and they were only going to be there for a very short time.

I eventually left Sin and looked at some ancient ruins outside of the village:

pigeon tower and ruins

There were pigeon towers there:

pigeon tower near Sin village

I have to confess that I had never heard of the word “pigeon tower” before, and I would have never been able to guess what it was, either. But these village kids who were hanging out there tried to explain it to me as best as they could:

village kids

It took a long time and a lot of gesturing until I finally thought I understood:

kids at the pigeon tower

A pigeon tower was a structure from ancient times where people used to house lots and lots pigeons. The pigeons had no other purpose than to shit, shit, and shit, so that the farmers could collect the shit and use it to fertilize their lands.

And this is what the inside of a pigeon tower looks like today:

inside the pigeon tower

Lots of little holes where the pigeons used to live (and shit):

looking up the pigeon tower

I found it to be aesthetically quite pleasing, I might say:

center of the pigeon tower

Needless to say that I was very excited about the fact that I had discovered the pigeon tower, but I soon learned that there were a lot of them all over the region. In fact, there was another one right next to the one I had discovered:

motorist with pigeon tower

I went there, and two friendly gentlemen showed me around:

inside another pigeon tower

They seemed to be quite fond of having their picture taken:

photo together

This was even more true when it came to the kids:

sunset with the village kids

I stayed until the sun was about to set, and then I paid my respect to the pigeon tower that I had discovered:

pigeon tower in the sunset

I figured I might just go ahead and use it as a wallpaper for my phone:

sunset vertical

Then I went back to the city.

There was one dish that people had been telling me to try – Fesenjan, a chicken stew made with walnuts and pomegranate:


It was awesome, and the restaurant where I had it was awesome, too:

dinner in Isfahan

I walked around a little after dinner:

Isfahan bazaar

And Isfahan was still Isfahan.

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