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Another day in the old hotel:

hotel front

I went out for a sandwich once:


It was a surprisingly good sandwich.

Something was strange, though. There was this slow and lazy atmosphere in the air, something that made me just wanna sleep all day. I wasn’t sure if it was the city, this part of the city, the hotel, my room, or just me. Anyway, I stared at this sign for a long time:

parking lot

In hindsight it was probably me.

So I went to a coffeeshop to have an espresso:


The owner was very friendly, and he invited me to a second espresso on the house:


Needless to say I was very awake when I went out to dinner with my friend Bahman and his wife later that night:

Bahman and his wife

The food was great, especially a sort of lamb cooked in a sort of lemony sauce. Very delicious!

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