little goat, don’t die

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My hotel was supposed to be the oldest in the city, and it showed. But I found it nice to have my own little space anyway.

Stayed in all day:

me in the mirror

Went out after nightfall and walked around the neighborhood. Some of the courtyards looked quite interesting:

old staircase in Mashhad

Then I met up with Shiva and her friends:

with Shiva in the cafe

We had sandwiches, and we talked about some of the things that I hadn’t been talking about in the countryside:

dinner in the Cafe Eden

It felt good.

At one point I parroted some of the words I had learned in Persian, one of which was “goat”. Then we talked about poetry.

They gave me a popular poem:

Persian poem

Little Goat
Don’t Die
Spring Will Come
With Cucumbers And Melons

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