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When I woke up, the train was still rumbling along:

top bunk on the train

The kids had been quiet for most of the night, so that was good.

The hostel I usually stayed at in Tashkent didn’t have any rooms, so I did what I had been wanting to do since I came to Tashkent for the first time many months ago – I got a room in the big fat Hotel Uzbekistan:

Hotel Uzbekistan

It was located right on the square with the large Amir Timur statue, and I wanted to get a room with a view and snap some pictures.

Well, I got a room, but the view was a bit different:

view from my room in Hotel Uzbekistan

Okay, whatever.

I needed to get another train ticket to Bukhara, so I went to the train station to look for one. Having dealt with huge crowds that seemed to always flock to the ticket counter from all sides, I wasn’t particularly looking forward to it.

But when I got to the train station:

Tashkent train station

There was almost nobody there:

Tashkent train station ticket office on a calm day

WTF, I thought. Then I bought my ticket and got out of there.

Passed a bunch of melons on the way:

big fat Uzbek melons

“Uzbek melons are the biggest!” the vendors said.

And I figured that large melons were much better than large crowds.

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