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I went to a food court today:

food court

The above picture looks more fancy than it really is. The food is simple and cheap. This is what I got:

food at the food court

Then I did something I had been wanting to do for a long time – I updated the Google Earth file:

Google Earth file

It’s strange to think that this is what it would look like from space.

Anyway, I updated everything. The file itself is very small, but it keeps itself up-to-date by downloading the data from my server. The GPS-tracks of the trek. The 18 main cities I want to walk through. All the smaller places that were somehow significant. The scenic spots (lakes, monuments, etc). And finally, the marks where I completed another thousand kilometers and did my little dance:

the Google Earth file system

I like maps and all of this stuff. Maybe this is the reason why the file is so comprehensive and detailed:

Google Earth file up close

If you click on something, a window with a photo, a short description, and a link to the corresponding blog post should show up:

links in the Google Earth file

That’s what I did today.

Oh, and I gave the file it’s own domain:

Besides all that, there was always Sarkozy, my sworn enemy from last year. But he was friendly now, too:


Why was I so lucky?

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