popcorn and lollipops

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Walked around town and tried to buy a train ticket to Tashkent today. It took a while until I found the right ticket bureau. I’d tell you which one it was, but I forgot. Ha!

Anyway, Almaty was nice in late summer:

Almaty in late summer

Once I had my ticket I went to a large shopping mall and bought new headphones, new flip-flops, and two little carabiner hooks.

There was a movie theater in the mall. When I walked past, I figured it might be a good idea to watch a movie so I could have some of that popcorn I was smelling. And then I got the most brilliant idea ever.

I could just buy popcorn at the movie theater and then leave!

So I did that:

popcorn in Mega

And I walked around town:

popcorn on the street

Eating my popcorn:

less popcorn

Until it was all gone:

and even less popcorn

I was feeling pretty sick at this point, and I couldn’t help but wonder if my idea maybe hadn’t been that brilliant.

But everything turned out well in the end, because of a hooligan. Remember the little kid who was so scared of me the last time I was here?

Well, it turned out he was corruptible by lollipops:

the hooligan

We are friends now!

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