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One of the most important things for me while I’m on the road is making sure my footage is secure.

I try to do this by saving all of it on these 512GB SD-cards that I send home once they’re full:

saving photos

This is what I did today.

Oh, and the friendly people at the dental clinic fixed my tooth. Should be okay now. YAY!

While I was walking through town I noticed some festivities that were apparently taking place in a central square:

festivities in Bishkek

Lots of dancers:


It turned out to be the preparations for Kyrgyzstan’s Independence Day on August 31st:

Kyrgyz Independence Day

When I talked to people, however, it seemed as though they were more excited by the national elections that were coming up in October. Word had it that they were going to vote their President out of office.

Kyrgyzstan, the only real (albeit flawed) democracy in Central Asia. What a brave country!

Here’s a thought, though: the liberal-democratic world is always pushing for authoritarian countries to transform themselves into liberal democracies. And this is of course justified. But what I don’t understand is why we don’t sacrifice some of our partnerships with authoritarian regimes and give them to democratic governments instead.

What if Kyrgyzstan was the richest place in Central Asia because of all the partnerships with the “Western World” – wouldn’t other countries try to emulate that?

But no. All too often we ignore the countries that are brave enough to try democracy, and instead we do business with authoritarians while telling other authoritarians to become democracies.

Hypocritical much?

  • Kelly Kitchen

    Hello again. Have you ever considered running for public office? When you’re all done walking that is. Also, I watched your recent montage video and I thought to myself that you must be the luckiest person on this planet. Not to minimize your hardships I can see there are many ( getting splashed by 18 wheelers, struggling the caboose up rock & sand mountains to name a couple) but what you do must fill you with such serenity & balance. Thank you for sharing it with the world I for one can’t get enough. Happy & safe travels to you.


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