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I went on my second visa run today. With both Uzbek and Turkmen visas in my passport, all I had to do was get an Iranian one, and I would be good to go.

So I took a cab downtown, and then I started walking around:

walking through Bishkek

The Iranian Embassy had me go to some bank and pay something (only this time I had to go not to some local bank but to the Bank of Pakistan). And then they told me to come back on Monday to pick up my visa.


So after this, I walked around some more. I passed the Aitmatov monument:

Aitmatov monument

And I thought that people should really put up more monuments of artists, and less monuments of their military leaders.

Then I had a hotdog:


There is something strange about the Russian language. It has no “h”, but it has a sound that comes pretty close, which it writes with the Cyrillic letter “х”. But when it transliterates words from foreign languages like Hamburg or Hitler, it doesn’t use that letter. Instead, it uses “г”, which corresponds to “g”. So Hamburg turns into Gamburg (Гамбург), and when they say Gitler kaput (Гитлер капут), they’re talking about a 2008 movie that’s making fun of Hitler.

So far so good. But what’s weird is that the word “hotdog” is commonly being transliterated as hot-dog (хот-дог), which sounds pretty close to the original.

Why isn’t it gotdog (гот-дог)?

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