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I wanted to get my Turkmen visa as soon as possible. So I got up early and flagged down a cab. Urmat, the driver, was a friendly guy who spoke good English. He took me to the Turkmen Embassy, but we arrived there an hour early (they opened at 10am).

So we figured we might as well try the Uzbek Embassy before. But alas! They, too, only started working at 10am.

In the end, Urmat was my driver all day, from eight thirty in the morning until seven in the evening. This was because the whole process was a bit complicated. We had to go to both embassies multiple times, and we also had to go to different banks to make payments for the visa.

In between we stopped at his place, though, so I could have some soup and meet his family:

Urmat’s family

It was great:

at Urmat’s place

And at five thirty in the afternoon, it happened: I finally had my Turkmen visa.


Oh, and when I got back to my room, I tried another kind of shoro:


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Bozo Shoro from hell.

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