sunset with Priscilla

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I decided to take a selfie with a lemon today:


At this point, I was having a lemon and a spoon of honey every single day. Sometimes I’d mix it up and not add vodka to my secret medicine, though:

making medicine

I think alcohol is like religion: it’s fun if you don’t overdo it.

I spent my time fixing photos all day, then I sat down with Priscilla to take in the sunset together:

Priscilla looking at the sunset

It was all very nice:

And maybe even a bit romantic.

  • Kelly Kitchen

    You look like you’re feeling better. I’ve read many of your posts but I’ve either missed where you explain your “forehead letter”, or I just don’t get it. What on earth is that about please? Also, I very much liked your post (it may have been via Twitter) about how your town of Bad Nenndorf dealt with the annual Nazi Homecoming Festival. I wish we Americans could u it’d in such a way to fight oppression with peace. I keep insisting dance offs & sing offs are the way to settle political disputes but nobody listens. Anyway thanks for doing what you do, love it.


  • Daniele

    I’m so glad Kelly asked about the letter on your forehead! I wondered the same thing, but felt like I missed something along the way and didn’t want to ask.


  • ε†―εŠ›

    ι‡η”Ÿηš„δ½ οΌŒε†…εΏƒθ―₯ζ˜―ε€šδΉˆεΌΊε€§οΌŒζ„Ÿε—εˆ°δ»Šζ—₯ηš„δ½ ε……ζ»‘δΊ†ζ–°η”ŸεŠ›ι‡πŸ‘πŸ‘


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