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I had tried having some food the day before. Went to a restaurant. Ordered the usual. Took a few bites. Then had to stop. I wasn’t ready yet.

So today, having had a semi good night’s sleep, I was looking forward to eating.

I took my selfie:


Then I went back to bed and worked on some pictures.

Of course I had some more of that goooooood ACC, and then some tea and some lemon water:

lemon water

And in the afternoon I went out and sat down and took a deep breath and ordered french fries with ketchup and salad.

Triumphantly, I managed to eat it all.

  • Moose from Montreal

    I think you mentioned it before in one of your video clips. Is it feasible to go around the Caspian Sea through Kazakhstan, Russia, Georgia, Armenia then into Turkey. You`d miss Iran though.


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