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Here’s the thing about staying in bed all day and generally sleeping a lot: it often means that you can’t sleep at night. Well, go figure!

When I woke up after another basically sleepless night, I felt just as shitty as the day before. So I decided to stay in bed again, only this time, I would try not to sleep as much.

Took my picture:


And then I figured that it was probably time for some medication, so I hopped in a cab that took me to a pharmacy about 3 kilometers away. And when I got there, I bought this:


Acetylcysteine. This stuff is the shit when it comes to stuffed sinuses. And it has an even more important attribute: it tastes abso-fucking-lutely awesome! Not too sweet, not too sour, just awesome!

There is a joke in my family that involves people pretending to be sick just so they could have an excuse to drink this stuff. And my brother and I are currently working on cocktails based on ACC. We are planning to call them: Acetylojito, Cosmopolitacetyl, Sex on the Acc, and Manhacc.

Seriously, with my daily dose of the acetylic goodness, great times lay ahead!

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