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I, the person who takes pictures of himself everyday, the guy who is apparently obsessed with selfies, I had to go take another passport photo today. The irony.

So I took my selfie:


And then I hopped in a cab and rode to the next small town, which was half an hour away:

ride to Bokonbayevo

But what do you know? The power grid had given out. All over town. And just an hour before my arrival. And it wasn’t going to be up working until late in the evening:

in Bokonbayevo

So I went back to my home and stretched out on the roof:

tanning session

Then I worked on my pictures some more, and while I was doing that, I figured I’d try a local beverage called Shoro:


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And no, Maksym is apparently not the name of the guy. Silly me!

Oh, and last time I was in Bishkek, I bought myself a candle:


Candles make everything better.

  • Paul Ang Singapore

    Hi Chris, here is my 2 cents. Things happened for a reason for what is ahead in your destiny. Noticed that most of the fellow travellers you met on your way came from (not towards) Turkmenistan. If it is more accessible from the other side, would you consider walking from the opposite direction to re-connect your dotted line of dreams or perhaps circumvent Turkmenistan. Like you said “Good dreams don’t die”. I am sure many like me would like to see you on the road again. Walk on, my man!


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