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I had a moment today. A strange moment. It was while I was looking at one of my photos, suddenly there was this thought in my head: this is how I want to be remembered. I don’t know why. Of course it was very silly. But I can’t pretend it wasn’t there.

Anyway, I was almost done with my chapter:

So I went down to the beach a bit earlier today, which gave the pirates time to wait until I was asleep and then cover me with sand:

Then we went and had some more fun with the action cam:

I have a complicated relationship to water:

I love it as much as I fear it:

And I fear it a lot.

The pirates didn’t care much about any of this, though:

For them, being at the lake was simply great. The water was either warm, and then you went swimming. Or it was cold, and then you didn’t.

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