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So just in case you were wondering: Yes, I forgot a fucking A.

And yes, I am obviously an idiot. Here’s what I’m going to do about this: I’m going to secretly photoshop a nice “A” onto the pirate pics. And you’re going to shut up and not tell anyone about it, okay?

Thank you.

So here’s the S that I, the idiot, drew today. I figured that an inverted S kind of looked like the upper part of a question mark. Like this: “?” But without the dot.

So I went ahead and drew one on my forehead, but it turned out to be pretty ugly:

Besides that, I wrote and I wrote (not knowing that I had missed an A) and then, when the clouds had gone away and the sun came out, I rejoiced and ran down to the beach:

There was a bug that was big and fat and green and shiny and nice, and it did climbing exercises every day on the rocks by the lake:


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I know, I should have narrated this like I used to last summer.

But I forgot. Just like I forgot the A.

  • Kathryn Blodgett

    A couple of questions. It’s been 10yrs and you are only half way there. Do you expect to spend another 10yrs? Also, you haven’t written for a week.Something wrong?


    • Christoph Rehage Post author

      hey there Kathryn,

      I only walked 1 year in 2008, then 1 month in 2010 and 1 month in 2012. This leg of the journey started in July 2016, so it’s been another year. Altogether, that makes about 2 years. So I hope once I get the Turkmen visa I will be faster. 🙂


  • Alessio

    Hi Chris,
    still planning to visit Armenia? 🙂


  • Jack Jacobsen

    I’m really Interested In the walks you do. Once I’m older definitely going to do the China one. Just a question though
    When you run out of food or water in the middle of no-where what do you do. Or how do you prevent this from happening? When in villages do you take up part time jobs for supplies or do you pre-pack everything.

    Just discovered you and gonna follow the stuff you do 😉


    • 旺旺

      With enough food, water and bills, there are very few part-time jobs in the countryside. To be an English teacher is a good choice.


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