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Took a walk through sunny Bishkek:

It felt very different from the last time I had been there. There seemed to be more optimism in the air. I guess the sun and the blue sky made all the difference.

I went directly to the Tsum (Цум), a large shopping center:

I wanted to get a sim-card with a massive data plan, which took me a while to obtain. This little guy with the hat was there with his mom:

Then I looked at some computer screens and found these two dudes living the good life:

I needed new passport photographs, so I decided to get my picture taken:

When I asked the owner of the photo studio if I looked handsome he said “very”:

I knew it was a lie:

I didn’t look handsome at all.

But even ugly people can get something to drink at one of the lemonade stands that populate the intersections of downtown Bishkek:

And they can get their weight measured on Chuy Avenue:

I paid 5 som and found out that I apparently clocked in at 98.0kg:

This was slightly less than when I had started walking for the first time back on November 9th, 2007. And it was definitely less than when I had started walking again on June 30th last year.

And then I found this:

Have you ever wondered who they are, and where they are, the people who own the shit out of you in Dota?

Well, I think I found some of them today:

By the way, the girl that worked the counter was smoking hot, so I really don’t understand why these guys always seem to be so mad when they are playing.

I went to Osh Bazaar after this:

I looked around for a while:

And then I found what I had been looking for:

A green air mattress and an inflatable ring that looked like a giant donut.

Hell yesssssss!

Oh, and I used my new bluetooth speaker to listen to the most awesome Russian Ska band!

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