one thing bout tacos when they hit you feel no pain

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I arrived in Almaty at around nine in the morning:

I went to the hostel where I had been staying almost a year ago. I was a bit worried that the people there wouldn’t be able to recognize me with my beard and all, but they just smiled and said: “Oh, it’s you!” Then they gave me a room.

I rested for a bit, then I went to a mall to buy a pair of swim trunks and a pair of goggles. And I got this thing here:

A bluetooth speaker! I had never owned one of these before, so I was excited. I used “Hip Hop” by Dead Prez to test a few different models, and when this one fell over I knew that this was the one I wanted.

Then I went and had some tacos:

They weren’t exactly what you would call good tacos. But they were tacos. And I love, love, love tacos.

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