the best lagman in Tashkent

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If you want lagman, the hearty Central Asian noodle dish, you need to find an Uyghur chef. Everyone knows that they are the best when it comes to noodle-making.

My personal favorite lagman-place in Tashkent is this one:

Binket near Chorsu Bazaar. I marked it for you on the map.

If you ask a taxi driver to take you to a good lagman-place in that area, they will drop you off somewhere else, a restaurant that I found good, though not quite as good as Binket.

But alas! We didn’t get to eat at Binket today, as it was closed for the month of Ramadan.

So we had some food in a random restaurant, then we went to be bazaar:

Always on our quest to buy more stuff to send home.

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