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We woke up late and had some fried fish in a restaurant outside of the city walls:

There were things to see there as well…

…but we ignored them and went back to the old town. To Tash Khauli, to be exact:

This palace from the early 19th century had elaborately decorated wooden pillars…

…and ceilings:

There were some Uzbek tourists, some of which were into taking photos…

…while others seemed to be more into singing and dancing:

We wandered around in Khiva’s alleys for a while…

…past souvenir shops…

…and souvenirs…

…and into an old caravanserai by the awesome name of Alla Kuli Khan Caravanserai:

She insisted that I take a picture of the bucket, which I did:

There were some artworks on display in the caravanserai, one of which was called “travelling”:

I stood in front of this picture for a long time, thinking that I had been doing it all wrong:

I, the traveler, needed a donkey! And a bird!

Then we wandered into a madrasah by the name of Kutlug Murad Inaq Madrasah:

And into another one called Islam Khodja Madrasah:

It had a minaret:

And one time we got lost in one of the back alleys:

It turned out to be the backside of the Pakhlavan Makhmud Mausoleum, which was undergoing repairs:

The inside was mesmerizing, though:

I could only imagine what it would feel like without the sounds of the refurbishment that was currently going on.

And then she took me to this place:

It was a rooftop overlooking the old town:

I had no idea how she had managed to find it, but it was magical up there:


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And when I sat down and took a photo of myself, I noticed something:

I looked happy.

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