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Today we did something refreshing. We went to Fayzulla Khujayev’s House:

Fayzulla Khujayev doesn’t live there anymore. In fact, Fayzulla Khujayev doesn’t live anywhere, because Fayzulla Khujayev is dead. And he has been dead for a very long time. Back in the early 20th century, Fayzulla Khujayev used to be the richest man in the Emirate of Bukhara. And when I say richest, I mean that quite literally.


Of course Fayzulla Khujayev and the Emir didn’t get along too well. In the end, it was Fayzulla Khujayev who helped the Soviets topple the Emir and put an end to the Emirate of Bukhara.

Only Fayzulla Khujayev had failed to take into consideration the general trigger happiness of Stalin’s empire, so he, too, was later liquidated by the very people he had helped.

Anyway, this was Fayzulla Khujayev’s house:

It was a very nice house, and a welcome break from all the madrasahs we had been visiting:

Then we went back to the Emir’s palace, where we looked at all the rooms and the courtyards:

And then, because the sun was about to set, we climbed up to our vantage point in the ruins:

There they were, the sky and the moon and Bukhara:

It was all very spectacular.

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