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Uzbekistan, albeit being a very nice place to visit, didn’t have very good access to the internet. Actually, in most places it was pretty painful. Yet there is one thing I don’t think I ever told you: Jizzakh, somewhere between Tashkent and Samarkand, had excellent internet. And I mean excellent.

Bukhara, well, not so much.

I woke up in my hotel and had breakfast in the courtyard:

Then I asked around in neighboring cafés for access to some high-speed wifi. They told me to forget about the old town and go to the new town.

So I took a cab there, and the first place I tried, the place that most people had recommended, turned out to have no wifi at all:

So I walked around the new town in my plastic slippers from Kazakhstan:

Tried my luck in a hotel/restaurant/burger place:

Tried my luck at Beeline, which is a major telecom provider:

I ended up in a hotel that had slightly faster wifi than the one where I was staying.

But in the end I figured that it had all been one giant waste of time.

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