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There were no marshrutkas in Navoyi. So I hopped on a shared ride and went back to Samarkand:

It had taken me several days to walk to Navoiy from there, but it was only a 90-minute car ride. How easy.

When I got there, I went straight to the post office:

I had to show this paper and my passport to claim my parcel:

Then I bought some postcards and sent them home, too:

Back in Navoiy, I went and had some chicken in this nice restaurant:

Then I had a bar of ice cream:

And then I bought some vodka:

Navoiy seemed very calm and very green that night:

I went back to my hotel, which had a long corridor that I really liked:

And then I sat on my balcony with my friend Lü Bu here:

Yes, my room had a balcony.

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