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I left Tashkent on a sunny afternoon:

…and landed in Almaty on a cloudy evening:

(The above picture is the stadium that I had seen when it was still under construction more than a half year ago.)

When I went out to get something to eat, it felt as if Almaty had not changed at all:

It felt as if this city that I liked so much was exactly the same as always.

But then disaster struck:

My favorite Georgian restaurant was gone!

The place where I had had chicken satsivi so many times, where I had scribbled words into my notebook so many hours. It was no more.

I had to find something else to eat, but I didn’t know what I wanted.

So I stumbled around Almaty until it was very dark:

And then I ate sushi by myself.

  • 周苏晓

    Understood very well! Like an old friend you ever had funs together, could talk for hours from the old Stone Age through Egypt, Greek, Rome and Second World War to US president, of course man and woman, but one day when you got back to meet this person, he left with no trace, that is really one of sadest things in life, suddenly you got lost, don’t know what is next,sucks!


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