new pants and the survival of the inner city

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Central Asian societies didn’t enjoy short pants very much. A man had to wear long pants, period. So I had gotten an additional pair of long pants, only to find out that I needed to get them trimmed to the length of my legs.

I ended up taking them to a tailor shop:

Remembering the last time I had gone to a tailor shop in Tashkent almost four months ago, I asked the owner how her business was doing.

“I can’t complain”, she said. A lot of people bought stuff online and took it to her if it didn’t fit right. She also did a lot of work on curtains, so she was always busy.

Maybe this was the future of the inner city? With big stores either dying or moving to the outskirts, maybe the inner cities would become havens for little, specialized stores and shops that offered services like tailoring?

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