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Got up very early today and hopped on a train:

I had to go north if I wanted to get a visa for Iran:

So I went to Hamburg, and when I got there, it felt a bit like home:

It was just like in many of the other places where I had lived for a while.

But there was no time for nostalgia. I went to the Iranian consulate right away and filled out a form:

And then, just like that (well, almost just like that), I had my visa!

I was very happy:

Then I went to the harbor in order to breathe some of that Hamburg air:

And then I went to an outdoor store to get some stuff for my walk.

It was then and there that I noticed that Donald J. Trump had blocked me on Twitter:

This called for a celebration!

So I drank a Cuba Libre:

And then I drank a Mojito:

It was a good day.

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