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A day off.

So I went swimming, and then I walked around town looking for food. I ended up in this place that only served one thing:

Goulash, they called it, Hungarian stew. And it was good. But apparently, the Hungarians didn’t call it goulash. They called it pörkölt or paprika.

I didn’t argue. It was spicy, and it was good.

Later that night I had Chinese food:

And I learned one thing about Cologne: the people here really liked to sing songs. And most of these songs were about Cologne. About some square, some street corner, a bus stop or whatever.

And this is what makes their carnival so special. Of course they get drunk and wear costumes, and there is a big parade. But really it’s all about the songs. They have a million of them, they know them all by heart, and when they sing them together, those songs about their city, then they feel happy.

It’s a sort of happiness that outsiders would probably never be able to share.

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