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I was going to speak in Plauen today, so in the morning I left my hotel and went to the central station.

I bought some roasted almonds on the way:

But then I got confused.

You see, the Czech Railways never tell you the platform of your train in advance. That means you have to go to the train station and stare at this board for a while, until about 10 or 15 minutes before departure time. That’s when they tell you the platform you have to go to:

The platforms themselves might have displays, but they will also only tell you which train it is a few minutes in advance:

And if you’re unlucky, that’s not going to happen either:

It’s a strange system that leads to people standing in front of these boards, staring at them for the information they need:

Needless to say, I was too dumb to understand it right away.

So I ended up here:

And I had missed my train.

I wasn’t far from Plauen anymore, though, so I hopped into a cab:

And Stanislav, my friendly driver, took me over the border to Germany:

I arrived at the presentation venue on time:

It was huge, a thousand people or so:

And I think it went well:

Had some local beer when it was all over:

Then I fell into bed.

  • 周苏晓

    I am sure i will miss the train coz I am too nervous to have a clear mind! I have a question for you, the length of hair and beard won’t count when you are absent from your walking, will they? If so, will you cut them which don’t belong to the walking, but do you know how much you should cut?


  • Adrian

    Welcome to the train-platform system in the UK too!


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