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It’s always the same: I tell myself that I want to relax, but then I end up doing all kinds of things. Mostly I sit there replying to emails and paying bills and writing bills and applying for visa and wading through a bureaucratic swamp and wondering why, why, why.

So at some point I went out and took a walk around town.

One house had a sad-looking German flag:

I wonder what a patriot would think of this flag. Would he be happy that an old ragged flag like this was still being flown? Or would he be sad that the flag was so old and ragged?

I wasn’t a patriot, so I had no way of knowing.

Or maybe I was? I liked certain things about my country, though definitely not all of them. One of my favorite things was the European Union. But did that make me care bout German or European flags? Not very much.

I just enjoyed being in the EU, flag or no flag.

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