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Took a long train ride home today:

I tried to reply to emails, and I tried to update the blog as far as I could:

Oh, and I did my best to show my undying support for President-Of-The-World Donald J. Trump!

Once it was time to get out of the train, three little kids got up as well. Then they noticed that the guy standing behind them was carrying a gun:

“That man has a gun!” one of them remarked to a lady who I assumed was their grandma.

“Yes, he has a gun because he is a policeman”, she explained.

“So only policemen have guns?” the kid asked.

“Kind of”, she said.

There was a moment of silence.

“Well, I don’t want to have a gun anyway”, the kid said with a shrug, and another one added: “and I don’t want to be a policeman either!”

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