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Drove two hours through the mountains to get to this place today: Chur. I think I passed Davos on the way, and I remember wondering how those politicians got to that place every time they had a meeting there. Was there an airport? Or did they have to take cars?

Anyway, Chur was absolutely worth the visit. Lovely place.

The presentation went well:

I recognized one girl from a previous presentation. She had come again, this time taking her family along. It was a bit strange telling my jokes and little stories to the audience with her there, realized that she had heard me say the exact same things before. But I was happy to see her anyway.

And then the best thing happened!

Alisha, Rosanna, and Vroni from the Explora team had taken their carnival costumes along and decided to photobomb my selfie with the audience:

Aren’t they awesome?

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