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Took a walk around town today.
Took a swim.
Took a ride down a water slide.

It was my free day, and it was good:

In the evening, I was invited to a meal of raclette, a Swiss dish that involves tons and tons of cheese:

“We rarely ever eat this”, my Swiss friends told me, “it’s a tourist thing.”

Reminding me of the fact that I liked being a tourist.

  • Violet

    what? i’m swiss and we eat that quite often.. 🙂 i didn’t know this was just a tourist thing.. :p i guess i’m a tourist then too 🙂 great event today in zurich, very inspiring and very funny. you say that you’re afraid of so much, but what you do is so brave! looking forward to the day when you come back to zurich and tell us about how you reached germany. thanks for being such a inspiration!


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