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Today I went to a place far, far away. It was called Thun.

I had to cross a mountain to get there. Serpentine roads. Got a little carsick even though I was the one doing the driving.

But when I got there, I received this great gift:

I had met the author Fritz Roth the day before at my presentation, and I had told him that I was fascinated by his experience of living in Xi’an from 1976 to 1978. And today he came over and gave me one of his books!

And because he wanted to help me ease my fear of bees, he gave me a jar of local honey as well:

Thank you so much, Fritz!

The presentation went well:

I managed to stay within the time limit, and I was successfully photobombed by the Explora team and by Kenny Powers.

A great honor.

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