speaking in Solothurn

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My travelogues were still selling way faster than my coffeetable books, so we came up with a plan to change this:


Having eventually lost track of how many books we sold, I am not sure whether the plan worked or not.

The presentation was fun, though:

It’s hard to concentrate sometimes when there are beautiful women in the audience. But that’s a yoke I’m willing to carry and a burden I’m happy to bear.

  • Alan Munoz

    Hey what’s up man. I have been reading over some of your posts from your travel blog in 2007. It’s some pretty great stuff. Very engaging. I am studying abroad in London and have been considering to start a travel blog to post some of my adventures as I travel. I am just not sure how to start in the most affordable way, especially since I am on a budget. Do you have any suggestions or advice that you can provide me with? I am looking forward to hearing back from you. Have a good one man.


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