how to live the good life

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Today was my day off.

So I went to the public pool just like every day. When I got done swimming I crashed on a beach chair and fell straight to sleep.

This was the good life.

Then I decided it was time for lunch. Lunch was expensive, so when I felt a craving for dessert I searched a grocery store for the cheapest chocolate + soft drink combo I could find:

It wasn’t bad at all, and suddenly I felt like a kid again, sitting at a bus stop, having cheap food that was bad for me.

This was the good life.

Then I walked around town taking pictures of people taking pictures:

I have always enjoyed doing this.

This was the good life.

I sat in a café for a while, and when night fell, I took a photo of the lake. I didn’t have a tripod with me and the picture turned out just sorta okayish:

But that didn’t matter.

For this was the good life.

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