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My presentation tour through Switzerland was going to start in about a week.

So I needed to prepare a bunch of things: books, photos, videos.

Sometimes it could feel a bit overwhelming, and I found myself wishing for the road, for the Caboose, for the dust.

I liked to lay on a carpet I had bought in Uzbekistan:

I didn’t know much about carpets, but this one was supposed to be a Bukharan model. Bukhara was going to be the next major stop on my walk. Tashkent – Samarkand – Bukhara.

I felt happy thinking of that name: Bukhara.

Actually, much of my time went into designing things. I am not a good designer. In fact, I am not a designer at all. But hey.

I ended up ripping off a t-shirt design from one of my own books:

The original looks much better though. You can find it in the FAQ/Contact section of my site.

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