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Took a walk:

Bad Nenndorf, this little place where I was from, never seemed to change:

At all.

Oh, and I started listening to a group my brother had shown me while we were on the road:

Baby Queens.

The older I get, the more satisfying an experience it is to find new music that I genuinely like.

Here’s the thing: when I was young, I used to enjoy listening to music that not many other people knew. I would go on and on about hardcore bands “selling out” because they had started publishing their albums on major labels. Major labels were bad because major labels were “commercial”. I liked the underground stuff that only the select few could appreciate.

But I have changed a lot since then. Now, when I come across an artist that I think is brilliant but relatively unknown, I feel sad.

Listen to this! I want to tell the world.




  • Chris

    Ein wenig ändert sich in Bad Nenndorf dann doch. Das Neubaugebiet auf dem 2. Bild gab es vor zwei Jahren noch nicht. Und im 1. Bild wird schon wieder für ein neues gebuddelt. 😉


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